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Takalik Abaj, Tikal and other Ancient Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Tikal Ruins Peten GuatemalaGuatemala has the largest Mayan population of any country, and in terms of numbers, they are the dominant ethnic group. There are at least 15 distinct Mayan groups in the country, mostly living in the highlands near Quetzaltenango. Tikal is by far the best Mayan site in Guatemala and worth the money to visit. Many people use travel agencies to book the 2 day 1 night tour of Tikal. Check here for current pricing on these tours. The tour is just about all inclusive. You fly to Flores from Guatemala city then shuttle bus to Tikal, take a 4 hour guide tour of the ruins, visit the 2 museums, have lunch and dinner and then stay in the park. The advantage of staying in the park is you have the opportunity to view the sunrise the next morning which is worth the entire price of admission. Climbing Temple 4 at sunrise makes for a great story when you get home!

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Takalik Abaj AlterThe site closest to Quetzaltenango is Takalik Abaj which can be visited on a day trip if you get an early start. The site is located between Retalhuleu and Coatepeque along the coastal road CA2. It does not have the grand temples like Tikal but it is a great site to see and it is close by Xela for an easy visit. One interesting fact is that they are digging at this site currently so you might get the chance to see fresh discoveries as they uncover more and more.

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