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Our Spanish school, Juan Sisay, in Quetzaltenango(Xela) was founded in 1989, and has been the most friendly and professional Spanish School in Xela. As a “non-profit- collective” we think about our work as a foundation for peaceful development in our country, dedicating a portion of our profits to support several social and ecological projects in Quetzaltenango and its surroundings, encouraging all of our students to participate in our volunteering activities.

All of our teachers are certified as Spanish as a Second Language instructors, within the pass of years we have assembled a group of friendly, trained and top qualified staff that range from youthful university students to seasoned veterans. Since 1989 we have been improving our methods to get the best out of our students, so while outside the classroom teachers and students may share experiences and continue the student's learning process.

At Juan Sisay our students are not visitors passing through; they are living, learning and understanding life and Spanish Language in the beautiful, multi-cultural country of Guatemala. Come and join us for the experience of a lifetime!

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Our philosophy: We strongly believe that social change can only be acomplished through education. We are dedicated to teach people around the world the history, politics and cultural aspects of Guatemala, using our “total immersion” Spanish study program oriented toward students of all levels.




15 Av. 8-38, zone 1, Quetzaltenango
Office Phone/Fax: (502)77651318 weekends: (502)7765 5343