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To make the most of your stay in Xela and your Spanish studies, we suggest you live in an environment where you will use your Spanish as much as possible and participate in local culture. For this experience, we recommend you live with one of the local families here in Xela. La Paz Spanish School maintains a relationship with several families who regularly host our students, and your tuition to the school includes your room and board.

Your family provides you with your own room, 3 meals a day (2 on Sunday), drinking water, and hot (or at least warm) water for bathing. The families can accommodate vegetarians without a problem. The local stores carry virtually everything you may need, so travel light. Do bring something warm, perhaps even to sleep in since none of the families have heating. The nights and mornings can be very cold, especially between December and April.

Lastly, your family is an excellent resource for practicing your Spanish.  You may be overwhelmed at first, but do not let this keep you from conversing.  You will find that if you initiate conversations, regardless of how basic or slow your Spanish is, you will receive a warm response.  The more you speak and actively engage yourself in the family social setting, the more your conversation skills and listening comprehension will improve.