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Escuela de Español  

La Paz Spanish School provides well managed and intensive Spanish lessons to students around the world. We include in our curriculum the means for the student to understand the current social, political, cultural, and historical realities within Guatemala, including an emphasis on international relations and cross-cultural influences.

Profits from our school are well distributed between administration, staff, and our committed families that host our students during their stay.

To learn more, please browse the site using the navigational bar on the left of each pages or read below for more information. Thanks for stopping by La Paz!!

As one of the oldest and most experienced schools in Xela at La Paz, we do our best to make your instruction and stay in Xela an unforgettable experience.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us at xela.escuelalapaz@gmail.com, and we hope to see you soon!

We have included detailed information on La Paz Spanish classes, and how to register. Many of your questions can be answered by reading about Quetzaltenango, and don't forget to look at the Frequently Asked Questions and your options concerning teachers and families during your studies here in Guatemala.

Other pages cover how to contact us, what regular scheduled activities are going on at the school, and a briefing on our projects and volunteer work for those students that wish to make the most of their stay at La Paz. Our website also includes a page of international references  and statements made from former students at La Paz.

OUR EMAIL: xela.escuelalapaz@gmail.com