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Projects and Volunteer Work

La Paz helps to obtain a better life for those that are in need. 80% of the population (Guatemala's poor community), being our first stage, the SCHOOL OF PEACE. Giving special support to the women and the children whom are indeed the future of our society.

This community of friends guides the development and human integrity with the ideal of peace, reconciliation and justice by means of presenting our students as volunteers to work for these ORGs, and in some cases, by providing direct financial support.

A percentage of your La Paz tuition supports these projects, and many of our students take part in them directly. Should you wish to spend time with these projects, please tell us your interests during your registration. If you are staying in Xela for a month or longer, your participation in these projects would be an invaluable contribution.

La Paz specializes in education and assistance to local women by:

1. the realization of shops and seminars at the level of the association and also in coordination with other ONGs.

2. the personnel of the association participating in the group of women Learning Meetings in the production of the radial program Our Voices that is transmitted weekly by radio Fraternity for half an hour.

3. the realization of special activities to celebrate important dates for women like March 8 and November 25.

4. work in three educational centers of Quetzaltenango with students of primary, basic, and diversified levels, with weekly and biweekly classes during the whole school year imparted by the personnel of the association, with the theme of human rights, the women's rights, violence against women, gender, self-esteem, pride and sexual education, through courses, chats, videos, shops, tests of self-esteem.

A number of other projects are also very popular:

To collaborate with our environment we have developed a program for the trees which is carried out in the winter time, using a percentage of the revenues to fund the project and with the help of teachers, students and people of the community in different areas depending on the deforestation degree that exists.

There are four daycares and in each one there is a mother responsible for the care, security, and the child's hygiene.

These nurseries are located in: San Josť the Vineyard

They are small houses that receive the children while the parents work on the farm or in the market. The children are among the ages of three to seven years and learn social coexistence with other people of their community. At the moment La Paz supports these nurseries in the ways listed below.

Games, lotteries, motive development.

Teaching of dental cleaning, and nutritious hygiene.

Social Development:
Coexistence between children and Guatemalan teachers with foreign students.

If a student were interested in volunteer work they could do so in these nurseries, teaching to paint, to read, to write, to draw, and to collaborate with the child's education.

Below are links to several volunteer project in and around Xela.