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La Paz has been the choice of many international students and we are very proud of to be a part of thier lives. These students have made thier eMail addresses public for you to ask them about thier experience - feel free to ask any questions!


Christina Lather c_lather@hotmail.com
Jessica Walker jwalker@zoo.uvm.edu
Keely Floegel kfloegel@aol.com
Shawnee Hoover shawneeh@hotmail.com
Baron Braccia baronmb@yahoo.com
Nick Henry nhenry001@hotmail.com
Ashley Parkinson ashleyparkinson@yahoo.com
Erica B Askin b-askin@lycos.com

I've been studying, working and volunteering with La Paz since it opened in 1994.  For me, the school has created a lifelong relationships among teachers, families, the larger community of Xela and it's international students.  If you're looking for an individualized Spanish curriculum and to create a lasting relationships, La Paz is the place for you. - Keely Floegel.

Martin Boelli mboelli@yahoo.com
Rene strombaron@hotmail.com
Daniela Kuster danielakuster@hotmail.com


Eva Schmidt eva-schmidt@gmx.net
Melani Mueller melli.mueller@gmx.net
Till Koninger t.koeninger@gmx.net


Jaime Buchanan jambuchanan@hotmail.com
Kathleen Mazurek kathleenmazurek@yahoo.com
Cheryl Stadnichuk estadnichuk@sk.sympatico.ca


Maria Petersen mariz@worldonline.dk
Stella Overby stellaoverby@yahoo.com
Nicolai n_bysted@hotmail.com


Anna Garella anne-garella@fr.bm.com
Virginie Aubert aubertvirginie@aol.com
Nicolas Spire spirewolf@aol.com


Anna Rosenberg annalog100@hotmail.com


Nicky Swimer n.swimer@nabarro.com


Justin Rose thejuicebug@yahoo.co.uk

I highly recommend Escuela La Paz to students of all levels of Spanish, on many occasions students simply enroll in the first school they come across and fail to realize the vast differences of quality of the schools teachers can offer.  After studying 4 weeks in a school in Antigua I felt more like number than a student because of the size of the schools in the town. I felt that my Spanish was not developing as it should have been.  I heard about the reputation of La Paz in Xela and decided to switch for one week.  The difference in quality was immense and I studied for 2 month with them.

At La Paz all the teachers have extensive experience and an excellent teaching methodology and a sense of humor to match. I studied with different teachers throughout the 2 months and every other student in the school was thoroughly satisfied with their teacher during my time at the school.

If you are looking to meet 50 other students and social life is your priority a larger school may be for you. However, if you want to receive excellent Spanish lessons, good value for your money and a friendly atmosphere where the teachers actually care about your development then Escuela La Paz is the perfect choice.  Gracias por una buena experiencia! - Justin

Nadine Diepeveen nadinediepeveen@hotmail.com


Sergio Senna ssenna@yahoo.com


Yuko yukohokuto@yahoo.com