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Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Laundry, Wash & Fold and
Dry Cleaning Services

There are a half dozen laundry mats in Xela that offer wash and fold services. Typical prices range from Q15 to Q20 per load. If you are living with a family and they have a housekeeper, which is common in Guatemala, you might ask the house mother if you can pay the housekeeper to do your laundry. It will probably be a bit cheaper and the housekeeper will make some extra money which is always a bonus!

Here are a few places in Xela to have your laundry done for you. Some of them will even pick it up and deliver it to your Spanish School.

El Calvario Laundry
19 Ave between 4ta & 2do Calle, Zona 1
Around the corner from

Pilas Laundry
15 Ave 3-51, Zona 1 - Near El Correos

Nuevos Horizantes - Laundry Mat - Raising funds for the women
Entre 9a & 10a Calle - 9-38, Zona 1

If you are in need of dry cleaning there are a few places around town for that also.

La Sercha
15 Av 4-20, Zona 1

Clean Service
La Pradera Mall
1st Floor below food court

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