Welcome to Hermandad Educativa/PLQE

La Hermandad Educativa is committed to quality language instruction in a context that gives students an awareness of the social, political and economic realities of Guatemala and Central America. But your time at PLQE presents more than just a chance to take some Spanish classes in Guatemala. It presents a unique experience in itself, one which you will remember and value long after you have left the country. Many students return to the school again and again to renew the friendships they have made with the teachers and the families here.
The Hermandad also has a long history of working with human rights and popular organizations.
Next door to PLQ we have the Luis Cardoza y Aragon Popular Center.
This center provides classes in art, music, computer programs and English to children of Quetzaltenango...
Proyecto Reforestación de Cantel
Many hands have left a caring imprint on that small piece of land near Cantel, and already the effects are already evident...
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