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Welcome Spanish School Rio Azul

Located in the pueblo of La Laguna, a few kilometers west of Jacaltenango, in the northeast part of the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The school is a project to answer the restlessness of many foreign students that want to know and experience the Guatemalan reality of every day life in a small pueblo.

La Laguna is located 2300 feet above sea level and only a few miles from the border shared between Guatemala and Mexico. It is a small, rural town of about sixteen hundred citizens. It is a community that is emerging from its past in order to project itself into the future.

Spanish School Rio Azul will provide jobs for the young, local, people who have finished their studies in order to graduate as Guatemalan teachers, however, many cannot find jobs in their profession without leaving the local area. The teachers will be duly capable of teaching the Spanish language. Also, the school will create jobs for the families that are eager to host students. The impact of foreign student presence in the community will be an economic stimulus as well as to establish relationships and friendships with people of different nationalities and different cultures.