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There are established three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced.  A brief description of the topics to be covered in each level follows.

a) Beginner

  • Essential knowledge to begin to speak Spanish
  • Introduction to the knowledge for the management of sentences in future and past tenses in their simple, indicative forms
  • Sentence structuring with the indicative form

b) Intermediate

  • Management of impersonal forms of verbs and use of sentences SUBORDINADAS as direct compliments
  • Sentences that indicate possibilities with conditions. 
  • Sentences that indicate execution of orders like a command. 
  • Passive voice

c) Advanced

  • Subordinate sentences to other sentences.  Structuring more complex, including subjunctive
  • Drills based on all of the tenses of verbs. 
  • Emphasis on written essays, commentaries based on literary works, short readings, newspapers, etc. 

The aspects of greatest difficulty will touch in combination with easier grammatical themes like the article, prepositions, adjectives, names, genders numbers etc. 


There will be a one to one student - teacher ratio which will facilitate the maximum attention possible for the student and s/he will be total immersed in Spanish.  The classes will develop with a plan made by the teacher while considering the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.  The grammatical content will be imparted with examples and exercises.  Flexibility is a characteristic of the class in accordance with the needs and capacity of the student. 


The family is another element that will help the student learn Spanish.  As well as providing lodging and meals, the family will be an environment to practice Spanish while talking with the children and the parents.  They are simple but very hospitable.  The student will know the way of life, and how a rural popti’ family from Guatemala thinks and acts.