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Trama Textiles

Trama Textiles is looking for full and part time volunteers to help with our women's weaving association
& weaving school.

We represent 400 women from 17 weaving cooperatives here in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.


This is a full time volunteer position. We are looking for someone who can dedicate a minimum of 3 months and who can be at the shop during its operating hours, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. We are flexible, so if our volunteers need to take a day or two, or an afternoon or morning off, this is not a problem. Intermediate Spanish and English are required. Volunteers do not need to be fluent, but must be able to communicate well.

We are looking for outgoing and friendly folks who will be able to talk to customers about our products, our school and our association, as well as communicate with the women who run the association and share their ideas.

The responsibilities of this position are:

  • Overseeing projects and coordinating them with other volunteers.

  • Hiring volunteers & going on the scout for them when necessary

  • Deciding what projects need to be worked on and the order of their importance

  • Checking the email daily and making sure our website information is up to date

  • Promoting the weaving school and shop (posting flyers, posting ads in Entremundos, etc.)

  • Learning how to weave yourself so as to be of better help to the ladies who run the weaving school

  • Helping out with the students, translating between them & the teachers

  • Communicating with other stores and organizations who TRAMA works with, and helping with exporting our products.

  • Throwing Benefit Parties :

  • Coming up with new & innovative ways to help!

What we ask of our volunteers

All we ask is that time and project commitments are followed through. That we communicate with each other, and are respectful of the people we are working with, and respectful of our cultural differences.

Volunteers that dedicate a significant amount of time to TRAMA Textiles will receive the experience of working right alongside Guatemalan women in an association of weaving cooperatives from all over the Western Highlands. The women who run the association welcome their volunteers with open arms, and are eager to share their rich culture and artisan skills.

Some of the highlights for past volunteers have been learning how weave themselves, and learning the different styles and techniques from all over Guatemala. Sharing lunchtime meals with the women, eating typical food and practicing their Spanish during the mealtime conversation. Visiting the pueblos of some of the association members and cooperative groups and meeting their families.

The overall experience of working with this organization is a priceless opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich textile culture of Guatemala, while contributing your time and skill to a worthy cause.


TRAMA Textiles
3ª calle 10-56 zona 1
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

(502) 7765 - 8564

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