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Climb/Hike Volcanos
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


Volcano Santa MariaQuetzaltenango offers a wonderful opportunity to climb volcanoes. There are many tour agencies in Xela that take daily or weekend hikes to Santa Maria, Santiaguito or Tajamulco. It is best to hike the volcanoes in groups.


Santa María & Santiaguito - 3,772 metres (12,372 ft)

Santa María is of the Sierra Madre range of volcanoes, which extends along the western edge of Guatemala, separated from the Pacific Ocean by a broad plain.

The 1902 eruption was followed by 20 years of dormancy. In 1922, new eruptions began, with the extrusion of a lava dome in the crater left by the 1902 eruption. The dome was christened Santiaguito, and since then, activity has been virtually constant. Santiaguito now reaches a height of about 2,500 metres (8,200 ft), and has a volume of about 1 cubic kilometre (0.24 cu mi). From the summit of Santa María, it is possible to look down on the eruptions at Santiaguito a mile below.

Volcano SantiaguitoVolcano SantiaguitoVolcano Santiaguito
Santiaguito - Viewed from Santa Mara can be seen erupting just about everyday of the year

Tajamulco - 4,223 m (13,854 feet)

Volcano TajamulcoVolcán Tajumulco is a large stratovolcano in the department of San Marcos in western Guatemala. It is the highest mountain in Guatemala and Central America at 4,223 m (13,854 feet). Tajumulco has had several historical reports of volcanic eruptions, but none have been confirmed to be true eruptions.

Volcano Pacaya - 2,552 metres (8,373 ft)

Volcano Pacaya

Outside of Antigua is the active Volcano Pacaya. There are daily tours leaving at 6am from any hotel in Antigua. You hike for 1 1/2 then climb through the a lava field and watch live flowing lava!!



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