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Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Local Businesses

There are hundreds of businesses of all types in Quetzaltenango (i.e. Lawyers, Architects, Contractors, Carpenters, Plumbers, Export/Import Agents...etc.  Unfortunately many of them have not seen the need to be on the web just yet.  So please return often to this page as it grows. If you have specific questions about services offered in Xela please email me at the address below. - Real Estate - Web Hosting & Design - Real Estate & Contractors - Inter American School Prek-12th grade - Karate in Xela  - Karate in Xela - Milk and Dairy products - Engineering Firm Art Sudio by Roger - Museo of Mayan Tipica clothing - Online Radio from Xela  - Online Spanish School via Skype - Trama Textiles Weaving products & school

Guatemalan Banks

There many Banks and ATM machines in Xela. Most are located on Central Park, there are also several in Zona 3 near La Democracia market.  

ATM machines can be found around Central Park. One is inside a kiosk at Banco Industrial. There are a couple others on the West side of Central Park. You can also find ATMs in the Mont Blanc Mall, La Pradera Mall and at several banks in Zona 3.

Most banks will have the "Tipo de Cambio" (Rate of the Day) posted in  the bank lobby somewhere.  Shop around for the best rate.  

There are also a few "Casa de Cambios" (Exchange Houses) that often have better rates than the banks.  There is usually a  person in the lobby at a desk with a calculator working out what each  person receives.  He will give you a receipt, which you take to the window and make your exchange.  This same person can tell you the "tipo de cambio." The best way to find the highest exchange rate is to ask other travelers who have been around a while longer than you.  Your hotel or teacher may also know where the locals exchange their money.

Money Changing Houses

Multicambios - 15 Av. 4-32, Zona 3  
Casa de Cambio - 15 Av. @ 1 calle, Zona 3

Visa tends to be the most widely accepted credit card to use in Guatemala.  You can also use MasterCard and American Express but not in as many places.

In 2001 the Guatemala Government allowed the banking system to begin offering US Dollar denominated bank accounts.  This is a nice feature for long term tourist or foreigners living in Guatemala.

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