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Internet, Cell Phones & Cable TV in
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

There are dozens of Internet cafés in Xela.  Prices vary but most charge between Q3 to Q6 per hour.  Some cafés have music, food and other activities and some just offer Internet and computer rentals.  If you need to send email or surf the web you will have NO problem finding a place in Xela.

Click Here to View - Internet Café

Dialup & Cable Internet Services uses Internet service from Turbonett which is owned by the nationwide phone company Telgua.  Packages for home or business start at $21.00/month for 128kbs up to $65.00/month for 1024kbs. Turbonett requires a 2 year contract in most cases and you must have a land line.

Cable DX (REDX) our local cable television company also offers Internet access.  Cable DX currently offers two packages: 256kbs for $50.00/month with a 1 year contract.   To receive more info visit: Cable TV cost Q95.00/month and includes about 10 channels in English.

We are just now getting 3G internet using cell towers. Tigo and Movistar are both offering a nationwide wireless network.

Phone Services

You can make International Phone calls from many Internet cafés in town.  The prices are normally Q1.00 to the USA - CA - Europe.  

View International Phone Rates!

Cellular Phone Services and Rentals

Cellular phones are inexpensive in Guatemala and can be purchased by anyone with a passport. used to offers cell phone rentals, however, they have gotten so cheap we decided it was not worth it anymore.

You can purchase prepaid cell phones for approx. Q150 and some come with a few minutes of calling time.

There are 3 main companies in Guatemala that sell Cellular services.  All 3 offer prepaid phone cards with their cellular service.

Telefonica/Movistar - Least expensive for national calls Q.50 to Q1.00/min and least expensive for calls to the USA Q0.60 - 1.50/minute. Coverage is ok in most of the main Guatemalan cities.

Tigo - Often the best deals on phones and their coverage is getting bigger all the time with coverage in many smaller villages, but not always the least expensive on phone calls.

Claro by Telgua - This company has the good coverage but they also tend to be the most expensive. 

If you have specific questions about services offered in Xela please email me at

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