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Rural Spanish Schools in
Guatemala, Central America

In this space we are listing Rural Spanish Schools in Guatemala. These schools as the name implies are off the beaten track and in rural areas of Guatemala, Central America. By rural we mean the schools will be in small villages or communities that are rarely visited by foreigners. You might be the only person attending one of these school or one of a very few.

Rural schools are by their nature small and rely on locals to teach classes and house students. Families in these communties live in simple homes and have very modest incomes. VERY few people in these communities speak English so you will be speaking virtually 100% Spanish. For the ambitious traveler this will be an excellent chance to see rural Guatemala life up close while learning and speaking Spanish.

The communities are genuinely inviting however you might be the only "estranjero" or foreigner on the streets or in town so if you are shy or introverted a rural school might not be the best place for you. Everyone will want to meet and talk to the foreigner!

The schools listed here are RURAL so please keep that in mind if you decide to make a reservation. While some schools will have more modern amenities most will be very simple. If you want high speed Internet, coffee shops, nightlife...etc a rural schools is NOT for you.

If you want to see a slice of Guatemalan life that most tourist will never see and you are willing to "rough" it a bit a rural schools could be just what the doctor ordered.


Spanish School Rio Azul
La Laguna, Guatemala

Located in the pueblo of La Laguna, a few kilometers west of Jacaltenango, in the northeast part of the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The school is a project to answer the restlessness of many foreign students that want to know and experience the Guatemalan reality of every day life in a small pueblo. .

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