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San Marcos La Laguna
Lake Atitlan Solola, Guatemala

San Marcos la Laguna - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Nestled along the edges of Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala is a wonderful village called San Marcos la Laguna. Populated mainly by Kaqchikel speaking indigenous Mayans, San Marcos is a magnet for meditators and alternative therapy enthusiasts. If you enjoy Yoga, Reinke or just hanging out and relaxing, San Marcos could be the spot for you.

There are several "new age" centers in San Marcos and more popping up all the time. San Marcos has several inexpensive hotels, comedores and other amenities for the passing tourist.

If you enjoy the lake settting and wanted to stay for awhile check out The San Marcos Spanish School for inexpensive Spanish lessons while relaxing at the lake!

Spanish School San Marcos la Laguna
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One of our favorite hotels in San Marcos la Laguna is Hotel Jinava. They have great food, wonderful bar and a setting that can not be beat! Plus their prices are really reasonable!

Hotel Jinava San Marcos la Laguna
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