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Festivals in and Around
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Fiestas in June      
Main day
Olintepeque,  Quetzaltenango 21st - 25th 24th
Almolonga Quetzaltenango 28th - 30th 29th
San Juan Ixcoy  Huehuetenango  21st - 24th  24th 
San Juan Atitán Huehuetenango 22nd - 26th 24th
Comalapa Chimaltenango 24th  
Yepocapa Chimaltenango 27th - 30th 29th
San Juan la Laguna Lake Atitlán 23rd - 26th 24th
San Pedro la Laguna Lake Atitlán 27th - 30th 29th
Fiestas in July      
Villages Department Dates Main Day
Santa María Visitación Sololá 1st - 4th 2nd
Huehuetenango Huehuetenango 12th - 17th 14th
Momostenango Totonicapán 21st - Aug 4 25th
San Cristóbal Toto. Totonicapán 22nd - 27th 25th
Chimaltenango Chimaltenango 22nd - 27th 26th
Santiago Atitlán Lake Atatlán 23rd - 27th 25th
Antigua Guatemala 24th 24th
Fiestas in August      
Villages Department Dates Main Day
Santa Clara La Laguna Lake Atitlán 10th - 13th 12th
Sololá Lake Atitlán 11th - 17th 15th
Sacapulas Quiché 1st - 4th 4th
Joyabaj Quiché 9th - 15th 15th
Santa Cruz del Quiché Quiché 14th - 19th 18th
Nebaja Quiché 12th - 15th 15th
Colotenango Huehuetenango 12th - 15th 15th
Cantel Quetzaltenango 12th - 18th 15th
Salcajá Quetzaltenango 22nd - 28th 25th
Tacaná San Marcos 12th - 15th 15th
Sipacapa San Marcos 22nd -25th 25th
Sibinal San Marcos 27th - 30th 29th
Jocotenango Chimaltenango 15th 15th

Fiestas in Sept.

. . .
Village Department Date Main Day
Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango 12th - 18th 15th
San Mateo Quetzaltenango 21st 21st
San Mateo Ixtatán Huehuetenango 17th - 21st 21st
Totonicapán Totonicapán 24th - 30th 29th
San Miguel Acatán Huehuetenango 25th - 30th  29th
Tecpán Huehuetenango 26th to Oct 5 Oct 5

Fiestas in October

. . .
Village Department Dates Main Day
San Francisco el Alto Totonicapán 1st - 6th 4th
Panajachel Sololá 2nd - 6th 4th
San Lucas Tolimán Sololá 15th - 20th 18th
Toto Santos Huehuetenango 21st to Nov 29th

Fiestas in Nov.

. . .
Village Department Dates Main Day
Santiago Sacatepéquez Sacatepéquez 1st 1st
San Martin Jilotepeque . 7th - 12th 11th
Malacatancito Huehuetenango 14th - 18th 18th
Nahualá Sololá 23rd - 26th 25th
Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán Sololá 24th - 26th 25th
Zunil Quetzaltenago 22nd - 26th 25th
Santa Catarina Palopo Huehuetenango 25th 25th
Cuilco Huehuetenango 27th - Dec 1 28th
San Andrés Itzapa . 27th - Dec 1 30th
San Andrés Xecul Totonicapán 27th - Dec 1 30th

Fiestas in December

. . .
Village Depatment Dates Main Day
Santa Barbara Huehuetenango 1st - 4th 4th
Huehuetenango Huehuetenango 5th - 8th 8th
Concepción Huista Huhuetenango 5th - 8th 8th
Concepción  Sololá 7th - 9th 8th
Malacatán San Marcos 9th - 14th 14th
San Carlos Sija Quetzaltenango 12th - 18th 15th
Santa Lucía Utatlán Sololá 11th - 15th 13th
Chichicastenango Quiche 13th - 21st 21st
Chiché Quiche 25th - 28th 28th

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